Late 1999 TIMBER rise from the ashes of the Leeuwarder wave-rock band GarliC after the two remaining guitarists Jack Kleisma and Andre vd Zee are determined to continue.  This duo starts the millennium expeditiously with the promo demo "Unanimated Eyes" on which bashing guitar work is accompanied by drum & bass samples and clearly a more aggressive side of the gentlemen let hear. Shortly after both men complemented by a drummer and bass guitarist, what the duo transformed to a traditional rock band line-up.

Along with bassplayer Peter, of the first millennium hour, the heart of the band grows to a close-knit and especially sturdy melodic whole. What good is audible on the "SOULFIGHT" CD which appeared in 2002 and gets a solid incitement and the 2004 published “MINDWEB” and "INSIDE" from 2006 are a fresh and especially logical sequel.

However, medio 2012, we hear a band that is further and who plays their repertoire compact and dynamic. Not at least by Ynse Schellens (vocals) and Hilbrand van der Woude (drums) the band has their own sound that boils a soup with stoner, metal, grunge and guitar rock ingredients. With a lot of pepper becomes a groovy trip which leads from pounding guitar riffs to grooving, dynamic melodies. Reason enough to book TIMBER for a night once rocking.

Ynse Schellens Peter de Haas Hilbrand vd Woude Andre vd Zee Jack Kleisma